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Introduction to Series 1

Introduction to Series 1

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Series 1: Why Are More Parents Questioning the CDC Vaccine Schedule?

Enjoy our first series of 18 videos below that open the vaccine conversation. Follow the arrow or scroll to the right to continue through the whole series.

Segment 1 - Why Is Talking About Vaccines So Controversial?
Segment 2 - How Has the CDC Vaccine Schedule Expanded In Our Generation
Segment 3 - Is Every Dose on the Vaccine Schedule Necessary
Segment 4 - Should Parents Be Informed About Vaccine Risks
Segment 5 - Is Vaccine Injury Real, and Can It Go Unnoticed?
Segment 6 - Would Vaccines Be Safer If Vaccine Companies Were Liable for Injuries?
Segment 7 - Should Placebo Control Groups Be Added to Vaccine Safety Testing?
Segment 8 -What Is the True Risk of a Severe Vaccine Reaction
Segment 9 - Should Parents Be Concerned About Vaccine Ingredients
Segment 10 - Are Vaccine Chemicals Riskier Because They Are Injected
Segment 11 - Are Fully Vaccinated Kids Actually Healthier
Segment 12 - Are Children Likely to Die If They Don’t Get All Their Shots
Segment 13 - Do Financial Conflicts of Interest Make Parents Lose Trust in Vaccines
Segment 14 - Do Pediatricians Get Financial Incentives To Mandate All Vaccines
Segment 15 - Can We Still Trust Vaccine Info on Mainstream and Social Media
Segment 16 - Are Covid Policies and Mandates Waking People Up to the Broader Vaccine Conversation
Segment 17 - Is It Ethical to Mandate Medical Treatments That Have Risks
Segment 18 - What’s Coming Next On The Vaccine Conversation?
1- Introducing Vaccines vs Disease

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Enjoy SERIES 1 above and please invite your friends! Periodically we will release a new series for subscribers that will eventually explore every aspect of the vaccine discussion. Our goal is to share everything you would want to understand as you make the vaccine decision with the guidance of your own medical provider. Subscribers will enjoy Series 2: Vaccines Vs Disease (below), the upcoming Series 3: The Vaccine Decision, and will also access five hours of live podcast event footage from our 2020 Tour. Thank you for joining us!


Series 2: Vaccines Vs Disease

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Melissa and Dr. Bob discuss all 16 diseases we vaccinate against, how common they are, how severe each one is, and Dr. Bob's experience seeing and treating these over the years. Then they compare the disease data with the risks of each vaccine, including ingredients, side effects, and reports of vaccine injury. Subscribers will enjoy a thorough look at the pros and cons of each vaccine/disease pair in this three-hour premium series.


Series 3: The Vaccine Decision - Just Released!

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Navigating your vaccine options and choices is probably the most complex medical decision you will ever face with your child. Are all diseases risky and worth vaccinating against? Are some diseases now eliminated? If you don't vaccinate, is your child at risk of harm? Do you pick and choose among the more important vaccines, delay them until later, or follow the full CDC schedule on time? Melissa and Dr. Bob explore these questions so you can make an educated decision with your own health care provider.

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Live Podcast Tour Series

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Enjoy five hours of live conversation as Melissa and Dr. Bob discuss a whole host of topics from their LIVE PODCAST SHOWS in Dallas, Nashville, and Orlando. Topics include COVID (lockdowns, masks, and vaccine mandates), standing up for medical freedom, understanding flu shot propaganda, fetal tissues in vaccines, how removing liability hurts vaccine safety, and much more.


Topics for 

-- A Closer Look at Vaccine Ingredients (aluminum, human fetal components, GMOs)

-- Expanded Discussions on Measles, Pertussis, HPV, Flu, Covid, and others

-- Understanding Vaccine Safety Research

-- How To Counter Medical Mandates

-- Conflict of Interest in the Vaccine Industry

-- Research Outcomes on Vaccine-Free Families

-- Identifying Vaccine Side Effects

-- and much more. 

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The information on this website is for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice. Always talk with your own health care professional for information on vaccines and infectious diseases. 
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