Series 3:
Vaccine Decision (Subscription Content)

Navigating your vaccine options and choices is probably the most complex medical decision you will ever face with your child. Are all diseases risky and worth vaccinating against? Are some diseases now eliminated? If you don't vaccinate, is your child at risk of harm? Do you pick and choose among the more important vaccines, delay them until later, or follow the full CDC schedule on time? Melissa and Dr. Bob explore these questions so you can make an educated decision with your own health care provider.

  1. Intro to The Vaccine Decision

  2. Understanding Disease Risk

  3. Putting Disease Risk Into Perspective Today

  4. What Childhood Illnesses Are Kids Still Likely To Catch Today?

  5. Can You Still Trust Vaccine Information From Mainstream Sources?

  6. Is It Your Public Duty To Keep Vaccinating Regardless Of Risk?

  7. Do All These Diseases Really Threaten Our Society?

  8. Understanding The Risk Of Vaccines Vs Diseases

  9. Do Unvaccinated Kids Have To Worry More About Diseases?

  10. Choosing The Vaccine Plan That Fits Your Family