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About Melissa and Dr. Bob

and Immunity Education Group

Melissa and Dr. Bob teamed up in 2015 in response to the growing threat of vaccine mandates in their own State of California and joined thousands of medical freedom advocates nationwide to try to prevent these pharmaceutical products from becoming mandatory for school children. Despite the tireless efforts of millions of health advocates, some states passed mandatory vaccine laws (but some didn't!) and more continue to try every year. Melissa and Dr. Bob started The Vaccine Conversation Podcast to help educate the world about vaccines, diseases, and medical mandates. And now, they are bringing their unique podcast style to the video format so you can continue the conversation with them and share it with your friends in a way that will grab their attention and leave them wanting more ... and more. Melissa and Dr. Bob are committed to adding a new series of videos periodically so everyone can continue learning about vaccines and medical choice. Thank you for joining us.  

Melissa Floyd is a data analyst and educator who focuses on research, statistics, and messaging for advocacy groups promoting medical freedom across the country. She is co-founder of Immunity Education Group, the host of her own side podcast What They Aren't Telling You, and founder of a brand new website A graduate from UCLA, she has been an educator for almost 2 decades in advanced mathematics, nutrition, and sports medicine. She owns an SAT Preparatory Academy in Orange County, CA and is a mother of two children, one of whom experienced adverse reations twice as a result of her vacinations. Melissa is passionate about helping people understand the facts, look at the entire data-based picture, and make informed decisions based on health choice, not fear. She lives in Southern California with her two children. 

Dr. Bob Sears is a pediatrician, father of three, grandfather of two, author of The Vaccine Book, and co-founder of Immunity Education Group. He earned his medical degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine in 1995 and did his pediatric internship and residency at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. He continues to practice pediatrics at his office in Dana Point, CA, ( where he provides a combination of integrative and traditional medical care. With the new threat of mandatory vaccination laws, Dr. Bob's new mission is to insure that all families worldwide receive complete, objective, and un-doctored informed consent before they choose vaccination and that people everywhere retain the freedom to make healthcare decisions for themsevles and their children. 

Immunity Education Group is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing balanced and complete information about vaccines, infectious diseases, and public health. All proceeds from The Vaccine Conversation go to support IEG and to bring you more content. Tax-deductible donations are greatfully accepted at

And special thanks to StoryByImage for their donation of all editing and post-production. 

About/Contact: About
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