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Series 4: Covid-19: The Infection, The Vaccine, and the Controversy (Subscription Content)

Melissa and Dr. Bob recount their experiences and evolving opinions through the pandemic and examine the shift in public opinion about our pharmaceutical and medical establishments. They review the current status and risk of Covid infection and how it differs in children compared to adults. Then they closely examine the development and side-effect profiles of the various types of Covid vaccines and offer some direction for parents who are currently making these vaccine decisions.

1. Introduction to Series 4

2. Covid Infection In Adults Vs Children

3. Understanding Your Options For Covid Vaccination

4. How Covid Vaccines Are Made

5. Covid Vaccine Ingredients

6. Covid Vaccine Side Effects

7. Making Your Covid Vaccine Decisions

8. Treating Covid Infections

9. Series 4 Outtakes

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Series Four

Part 1 - COVID-19- The Infection, The Vaccines, And The Controversy

Part 2 - Covid Infection In Adults Vs Children

Part 3 - Understanding Your Options For Covid Vaccination

Part 4 - How Covid Vaccines Are Made

Part 5 - Covid Vaccine Ingredients

Part 6 - Covid Vaccine Side Effects

Part 7 - Making Your Covid Vaccine Decisions

Part 8 - Treating Covid Infection

Series 4 Outtakes- More Fun with Melissa and Dr. Bob

Series 4 (Subscription): Videos

Coming June 2023


In this second part of our Covid discussion, we shift the conversation to broader societal issues that we all faced through the pandemic. How did the infection and our responses to it truly impact us? How did public perception of the way our government and medical establishments handled Covid change over time? Why do more people question the pharmaceutical industry now? What lessons can we take home so we are better prepared for the next pandemic (and response)? Were we affected mentally and physically in ways we don't yet realize, and what can we do to find better health? Melissa and Dr. Bob tackle these tough questions and more in this upcoming Series 5.

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