Series 1: Why Are More Parents Questioning the CDC Vaccine Schedule?

This introductory series opens the vaccine conversation by exploring WHY more parents are questioning the full CDC schedule. Melissa and Dr. Bob discuss these pertinent topics:

  1. Why Are Vaccines So Controversial?

  2. The Expanding Vaccine Schedule

  3. Is Every Dose Necessary?

  4. Should Vaccine Risks Be Discussed?

  5. How To Identify Vaccine Injury

  6. Would Liability For Injury Make Vaccines Safer?

  7. Do Vaccines Have Placebo Safety Testing?

  8. True Risk of Severe Vaccine Reactions

  9. Are Ingredients A Valid Concern?

  10. Are Vaccine Chemicals Riskier When Injected?

  11. Are Unvaccinated Kids Healthier?

  12. Are Kids Likely To Die Without Shots?

  13. Do Conflicts of Interest Harm Consumer Confidence?

  14. Do Doctors Get Incentives To Mandate Vaccines?

  15. Are the Media a Trusted Source For Vaccine Info?

  16. Is COVID Waking People Up to Vaccine Controversies?

  17. Is It Ethical to Mandate Treatments That Have Risk?

  18. What's Next On The Vaccine Conversation?

  19. Preview of Series 2: Vaccines Vs Disease