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Series 1: Why Are More Parents Questioning the CDC Vaccine Schedule?

This introductory series opens the vaccine conversation by exploring WHY more parents are questioning the full CDC schedule. Melissa and Dr. Bob discuss these pertinent topics:

  1. Why Are Vaccines So Controversial?

  2. The Expanding Vaccine Schedule

  3. Is Every Dose Necessary?

  4. Should Vaccine Risks Be Discussed?

  5. How To Identify Vaccine Injury

  6. Would Liability For Injury Make Vaccines Safer?

  7. Do Vaccines Have Placebo Safety Testing?

  8. True Risk of Severe Vaccine Reactions

  9. Are Ingredients A Valid Concern?

  10. Are Vaccine Chemicals Riskier When Injected?

  11. Are Unvaccinated Kids Healthier?

  12. Are Kids Likely To Die Without Shots?

  13. Do Conflicts of Interest Harm Consumer Confidence?

  14. Do Doctors Get Incentives To Mandate Vaccines?

  15. Are the Media a Trusted Source For Vaccine Info?

  16. Is COVID Waking People Up to Vaccine Controversies?

  17. Is It Ethical to Mandate Treatments That Have Risk?

  18. What's Next On The Vaccine Conversation?

  19. Preview of Series 2: Vaccines Vs Disease

Series 1 (Enjoy free): Text

NOTE FOR VIEWING ON MOBILE DEVICES: Only the first 8 videos in each series will load on Mobile Devices. BUT you can still load them by going to that Series Channel. Touch the "3 vertical dots" icon on the top right of first video, then touch "Visit Channel." You'll see ALL the videos in that series displayed there. Enjoy!

Series 1 (Enjoy free): Quote

Segment 1 - Why Is Talking About Vaccines So Controversial?

Segment 2 - How Has the CDC Vaccine Schedule Expanded In Our Generation

Segment 3 - Is Every Dose on the Vaccine Schedule Necessary

Segment 4 - Should Parents Be Informed About Vaccine Risks

Segment 5 - Is Vaccine Injury Real, and Can It Go Unnoticed?

Segment 6 - Would Vaccines Be Safer If Vaccine Companies Were Liable for Injuries?

Segment 7 - Should Placebo Control Groups Be Added to Vaccine Safety Testing?

Segment 8 -What Is the True Risk of a Severe Vaccine Reaction

Segment 9 - Should Parents Be Concerned About Vaccine Ingredients

Segment 10 - Are Vaccine Chemicals Riskier Because They Are Injected

Segment 11 - Are Fully Vaccinated Kids Actually Healthier

Segment 12 - Are Children Likely to Die If They Don’t Get All Their Shots

Segment 13 - Do Financial Conflicts of Interest Make Parents Lose Trust in Vaccines

Segment 14 - Do Pediatricians Get Financial Incentives To Mandate All Vaccines

Segment 15 - Can We Still Trust Vaccine Info on Mainstream and Social Media

Segment 16 - Are Covid Policies and Mandates Waking People Up to the Broader Vaccine Conversation

Segment 17 - Is It Ethical to Mandate Medical Treatments That Have Risks

Segment 18 - What’s Coming Next On The Vaccine Conversation?

1- Introducing Vaccines vs Disease

Series 1 (Enjoy free): Videos
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