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Series 1: Why Are More Parents Questioning the CDC Vaccine Schedule?

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Melissa and Dr. Bob open the vaccine conversation by exploring the taboo behind this topic, the expanding schedule, vaccine risks, conflicts of interest, informed consent, safety testing, ingredients, the risks of not vaccinating, conflicts of interest, vaccine mandates, and what Covid policies have taught us about the vaccine industry.


Series 2: Vaccines Vs Disease

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Melissa and Dr. Bob discuss all 16 diseases we vaccinate against, how common they are, how severe each one is, and Dr. Bob's experience seeing and treating these over the years. Then they compare the disease data with the risks of each vaccine, including ingredients, side effects, and reports of vaccine injury. Subscribers will enjoy a thorough look at the pros and cons of each vaccine/disease pair in this three-hour premium series.


Series 3: The Vaccine Decision

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Are all diseases risky and worth vaccinating against? Are some diseases now eliminated? If you don't vaccinate, is your child at risk of harm? Do you pick and choose among the more important vaccines, delay them until later, or follow the full CDC schedule on time? Melissa and Dr. Bob explore these questions so you can make an educated decision with your own health care provider.

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Series 4: Covid 19 - The Infection, the Vaccine, and the Controversy

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We are back with our much-anticipated series with an in-depth look at Covid infections and the current Covid vaccines. Melissa and Dr. Bob review their experiences during the pandemic and their evolving opinions about the world's Covid response. They provide a detailed analysis of the current risk of Covid for children and adults, the development and side-effect profiles of the three types of vaccines, and the pros and cons of making the decision whether or not to vaccinate.

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Series 5: The True Impact of the Pandemic: Lessons Learned For Next Time

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In this second part of our Covid discussion, we shift the conversation to broader societal issues that we all faced through the pandemic. How did the infection and our responses to it truly impact us? How did public perception of the way our government and medical establishments handled Covid change over time? Why do more people question the pharmaceutical industry now? What lessons can we take home so we are better prepared for the next pandemic (and response)? Were we affected mentally and physically in ways we don't yet realize, and what can we do to find better health? Melissa and Dr. Bob tackle these tough questions and more in this upcoming Series 5.

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Live Podcast Tour Videos

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Enjoy over 5 hours of Melissa and Dr. Bob live, on stage, in Dallas, Nashville, and Orlando as they discuss COVID policies (lockdowns, masks, and vaccine mandates), standing up for medical freedom, understanding flu shot propaganda, fetal tissues in vaccines, how removing liability hurts vaccine safety, and much more.

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